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Sunday 21/08/22 Too Many Options

Amazing times ahead.

Continuing on with todays Sunday Message, I Listened to a Podcast by Dr Caroline Leaf

Link (About Dr. Leaf ( Discussing the issue

Podcast 409: How having Too Many Options Can shut Down Your Brain and Simple Steps to Overcoming Decision Anxiety.

What has this got to do with the Sunday Message?

Well. the podcast goes for about an hour, and if you have listened to or Read books about DR Leaf, she has a lot of Experience and knowledge about the way the brain works, and her work keeps you thinking.

The underlying message is that in today's era, we have too many options to choose from and we need take charge on how we go on with our decision making.

(Well worth listening to )

But I stray.

Technology, Science and Financial Security has escalated to a level where Humanity are closer to a solution of Life itself. So it seems.

Look around --------Wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, Countries starving in the Millions

Humanity is still striving to be self sufficient----At what cost.

I have no issues with Technology and Science. It is great, but does it confirm that things were created, or does it allude to a theory that the more we learn the closer we become Self Sufficient? Where is the God of Creation?

Final thought:

When the Israelites were in the Desert with Moses, they had Pillar of Cloud to lead the way, and by night a Pillar of Fire. They were led Day and Night, and there was no need for food, clothing and Health. Because God supplied all.

What options did they have, or more to the point, How many options were there, compared to today's standards

The days are getting Darker, but the Light is getting Stronger

Decision time is coming sooner than we think. The Options crowding today's decisions need to be evaluated and evaluated correctly. May God Bless you

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